Laura Terranova-Hamilton

I love to make jewelry, stained glass hangings and windows, pastel and acrylic paintings. I like to upcycle wind chimes from old tea cups, silverware and wine bottles. I am an art teacher and mother.

Space to Create

The Lamp Lighter Gallery & Studios is home to five artists who have their own studio space. Each artist does their own thing and creates paintings, stained glass, mosaics, wind chimes, jewelry, sculpture, photography and masks. We’ve also hosted many talented artists who’ve used our gallery to show their work.​

Cynthia Dresser

Cynthia recently joined the Lamp Lighter. She draws and paints and loves to create.

Our Artists:

Cindy Meal

I love color and I love painting - either at the studio or en plein air (outdoors in the open air). I am self-taught and have been painting for 20 years. They say that out of ten paintings, you will get one good one. I have learned that is true.

Lamp Lighter Gallery

Sam Vella

Sam is an artist of all trades. He makes anything his heart desires including masks, mosaics, stained glass, wood turned pens. He is a dad and in his spare time, he makes things. He can do just about anything.

Barb Anderson

 I am an average, wife and mother of two. I go to work every day to provide for my family and pets.  Like every other working American I spend weekends trying to do all that other stuff that needs doing, that never seems to get done during the week.